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Through their activities and work, our company has the confidence of the majority of customers trust and use the services of our company. Our company is looking forward to the support and feedback of our customers, to increase one by one company and provide customers better services …

Fly control

PestCARE is a company that provides services to insecticides from Japan. We offer to our customers fly killing efficiency measures by the modern method of Japan, with the certification and authorization of the competent authorities, the chemicals are absolutely safe and non-use areas harmful to human health.

Mosquitoes Control

Located in the top of the most dangerous animals in the world - Mosquitoes bring dangerous pathogens for humans, according to the Centers for Disease Control each year about 1.5 million people worldwide die from the disease mosquitoes that cause such as dengue fever, West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis, Murray Vallay ... To control them effectively, must be carefully studied geographical focus to choose the destroy favorable legal and effective.

Termites control

Located in the list of one of the insects cause harm to humans, buildings, structures made of wood. Termites have a very high social behavior, Herding and clear division of tasks. Worldwide there are about 2700 species in Vietnam has detected 80 species, these species differ in morphology, number of individuals, organizations and structures built harmful levels. And now, there are three most common pests Vietnam include: wet wood termites, dry wood termites termites and soil, including worker termites damaging the main role.

Ant control

Ants are a family of Hymenoptera insects, they are present everywhere on Earth, around the home, office, warehouse, workshop, kitchen, ... Some ants can bite when they inject venom causes severe allergic reactions in people, some are pathogens such as diarrhea, smallpox, .. and many other bacteria that can cause food poisoning, harming human health. Removal is therefore became one of the issues of social concern.

Cockroaches control

Professional for you. With a team of technicians fully trained skills and rigorous, we offer many different types of services appropriate to the needs of each customer.

Rat control

Results rat root problem is difficult to solve even for companies to control rats professional. There is the fact that, in the rat, it has all the outside back into the house to find ways to feed and nest. Therefore, let alone eradicate, only rat efficiency alone is difficult. So rat how to most effectively without using rat poison?

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