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The most effective way to eradicate the smell of a dead rodent is to remove its corpse, disinfect the areas where it nested, and air out your house with fans and deodorizers. Once you’ve located the corpse and anything the mouse may have left behind, such as droppings and streaks, perform the following actions:

  1.  Put on rubber gloves, expendable clothing and nose mask
  2.  Prepare a solution of 10 percent bleach/90 percent water
  3.  Place the corpse inside two Ziploc bags
  4.  Spray solution over the infected area
  5.  Wipe the area with paper towels, removing all marks, prints and defecations
  6.  Place paper towels in tightly-sealed garbage bag

Repeat steps 4-6

Throw away gloves and work clothes, wash hands for five minutes with lava soap and take a shower

With the source of the problem now out of the picture, remove all traces of dead mouse smell by opening windows, blasting fans and placing strong deodorizers throughout the affected areas of your house.

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