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Termites – harmful insects

Termites are harmful insects for the buildings, even more important things. Power food termite colonies can undermine buildings, dikes, reservoirs, boats, bridges… and even destroyed many valuable library materials…

Because of herds life with very large number of members, against the harmful effects of the termites, not just aimed at a single individual. In addition to handling the intrusion against the destructive termite colonies, many people still find ways to kill termites system, with the most important purpose is to kill the queen termite. 

Diệt mối bảo vệ sức khỏe

Termites “dry wood” can detect a simple structure, characterized by living through wood chisel into the slot. Thickener has exploited both foods habitation. Because of this termite species formed by the particle as sand out extruder, they also called the termites “sand pile”. Just kill this kind of special drugs injected directly into the control termites nest.

These other termites in the house including termites (copt-formosanus), organized largely under-floor panels or in the intestines, fathers may appear in the corner of the wall, ceiling, etc. … To find the nest the species, it is common to use complex tools such as radioisotope detectors, ultrasonic, or measuring resistors etc. .. To eradicate this form of termite nests, we used biochemical methods, spraying to termites workers to toxic or infectious micro-organisms harmful to termites and termite nests to destroy queen termite.

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